For twenty years I had the privilege to collaborate with foremost publishers in Europe and here in America. I have published books, calendars, cards and much more.

Most of all, I have been fortunate to have support of all of you, devoted fans, pin up aficionados, art collectors. To use one word: friends.


This is the beginning of a new chapter of my artistic journey. I don't know where it's going to take me but I guess that is the beauty of it.


I have been always fascinated by the past.

Those years that I  have barely missed, right before  I was born.

The time my parents and my grandparents used to tell me stories about. When everything was much simpler. The scenes that you would see in an old black and white Italian movie with Sophia Loren.


And then of course, I love to paint women. Who am I kidding? I have been doing it for decades! So with my imagination  I went back in time and start portraying them in that fashion.


Try to forget for a moment all I have done so far and lose yourself in the canvas in front of you, where passion and instinct are stronger than precision and technique.

Here, it's not important if that brush stroke is not where is supposed to be, or that perspective is not aligned perfectly. This is just the story of the moment. Rough and true. Sensual and innocent.


If you are wondering if you are ever going to see  more  pin ups from me, be sure you will.


This is only a parallel path. Just like reading two books at once and  enjoy them both.



                                                                          March, 2015